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startups product management entrepreneurship

Learning 👩🏽‍🎓 from Kunal Shah.

Kunal Shah on winning in India, second-order thinking, the philosophy of startups, and more.

Fri Apr 26 2024

mindset values pro career

Here are my top 3 values.

I did the values exercise from Sarah Drasner’s book.

Fri Apr 19 2024

product engineering pro career

Aim to build the heart of any product or system.

The mission will gain you the knowledge, skill, reputation and recognition.

Fri Apr 12 2024

hackers product engineering AI

Age of AI is the Age of Hackers (builders).

The time calls for the rise and growth of hackers, testers and product engineers.

Fri Apr 05 2024

meditations self-improvement mind

Marination in the (sub)conscious

Marinate your thoughts and ideas in your conscious and subconscious.

Fri Mar 29 2024

meditations self-improvement pro

Finding clarity, working with ambiguity

When there seems to be none of the former and all of the latter.

Fri Mar 22 2024

meditations self-improvement pro

THINK before you respond.

A practice to help slow down your emotions and reactions.

Fri Mar 15 2024

design system marketing support

The experience around a Design System is it's best marketing and support.

Just some components in Design and Code, or is there more to it?

Fri Mar 08 2024

design system community roadmap

The power of showing releases and roadmap in Jira to the Community.

Over-communicate to the Community on your Releases and Roadmap using Jira.

Fri Mar 01 2024

design system engineering content docs

Why Astro matters now?

It better solves for content and code docs.

Fri Feb 23 2024

work life meditations

Add credit to the kindness account

Keep growing the credit in the kindness account.

Fri Feb 16 2024