It’s not the Darkness in us we are afraid of, it’s the Light!

We have Endless Potential, Energy, Capability and Will in us. That truly Scares us. Believe in the Abundance!

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The Darkness

We want to give and be generous with others. But then, we curb ourselves. What if they feel better or superior or take advantage of our generosity? What if we don’t get credit for it? Credit could be recognition, financial or both, or something else. This person’s potential seems way more than me. I don’t want to acknowledge or elevate that since that may amplify theirs and diminish mine.

We want to greet and acknowledge people around us. What if that makes us small and makes them big? What if they don’t reciprocate? That could crush things, like our precious ego, inside us. Would giving attention to this person, mean we care less for someone more dear in our life? Are we betraying people closer in our life, when we recognize someone further away? Would they become better, envelope or overshadow us?


I want to help this developer who is facing challenges. These are challenges that I have solved and overcome in time. I have gained wisdom and knowledge, through my own hard experience. Why should I share that? And, what if the person gains that knowledge and gets better than me?

I want to assist this designer with some of her ideas. That would elevate her ideas and bring them to life. But, would that mean she will be in the limelight and me in the shadows? Will my ideas, thoughts, and dreams be diminished?

Yes, many of us go through these type of thoughts. They are limiting thoughts. Not to others. But for ourselves. They makes us seem smaller than what we truly are.

The Light

All of these are feelings, where the Generosity, Kindness and Compassion in us wants to be Unbounded. It wants to bust out and be everywhere and anywhere it wants to be. The Eagle in us wants to Soar.

Yes, we can help from the back. Swallow that ego, even crush it, with daily practice.

“My Ego was the Reason for my Lifelong Success” - said Nobody Ever!

The Light within us, as in Kindness, Generosity, Compassion, is so powerful that the thought of unleashing it and letting it be unbounded, scares the daylight out of us. So, most of the time we suppress it, restrain it, keep it in the dark and stay within our darker, lower selves.

I certainly have! And I am done doing that.

Let us be done doing that.

Let It Shine.

You want to share something? Do it. You want to appreciate someone? Say it. You want to help or assist someone? Mean it. You want to create something? Make it. You want to be a better version of yourself? Be it.

All of this, with the Deliberation of Practicing the Virtues of Gratitude, Generosity and Compassion.

Yes, Now… Start right Now!!!

Let’s assist, enable, help, elevate, be considerate and mindful of all the wonderful designers, developers, creators, and the people around us.

Let’s Release our Unbounded Light upon Everyone around Us.

Believe in the Abundance Mindset, of the more you give, the more you get!

There is plenty of Love and Value to go around!

Lift up Every Single Person around Us!

Let's be the Kind Human Being, at the least and the most!

Feel the Good.

Feel the Peace.

Feel the… Light.